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Qufaro Cyber EPQ

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All the latest news on the Qufaro Cyber EPQ

Over 85.5% of 2019-20 CyberEPQ Students Achieve a Grade B or Higher.

Congratulations to Qufaro’s fourth cohort of CyberEPQ Graduates. We have even more to celebrate this year with another substantial increase in our students gaining such outstanding grades. Last year we were proud to announce that over 50% were awarded a grade B or higher, but this year our dedicated students and supervisors have taken us by surprise with over 85% achieving the same grades.

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Are you a Sleuth?

A Sleuth’s main role is to perform digital forensics analysis. The process of cyber attribution is crucial in identifying who and what is responsible for a breach. During Cyber attribution a collection of evidence, the building of timelines, and trying to piece together evidence in the wake of a …

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Are you a Scientist?

In war, there are always two sides: the attackers and the defenders. A less focused on group is the researchers and developers. While soldiers are fighting a war on the front lines, scientists and engineers are researching and developing new weapons, defences and tools; things that give their side …

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Are you an (Ethical) Hacker?

Cyber security is a growing industry as more and more businesses are waking up to the reality of their responsibility to ensure that their clients’ information is kept safe and secure. To be a successful ethical hacker requires you to be able to think like one. It is the role of the ethical hacker …

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Are you a Firefighter?

A firefighter would be working in the Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). Any company with an online presence makes it a vulnerable global target to cyber threats with a challenging cyber-attack landscape pursued by an intelligent and evolving enemy. Incident response (IR) is a …

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Are you a Defender?

A Defender could work in a Global Security Operation’s team who are responsible for monitoring security and managing security incidents across the globe. The team’s aims are to minimise risk exposure and handle security incidents. A Defender will protect the confidentiality, integrity and …

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Are you an Advisor?

Working closely with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), an Advisor will have a strong blend of technical ability, communication skills and cyber security experience. An advisor supports the risk identification and management process across all aspects of Information Technology for a …

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Are you a Strategist?

Every organisation wants to improve the way it works and make best use of new technology. Today, that means use of digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence to harness efficiencies and new routes to users. All of this needs to be done in a way that protects individuals’ data and builds …

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Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

The Seven Personae of Cyber was developed by Deloitte Ontario to put a human face on the challenges and solutions regarding the massive shortage in Cyber Security talent. It provides a useful reference point to understand the changing talent requirements in the context of evolving technology whilst making the different roles accessible to non-security individuals and inclusive to a broader audience.

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Qufaro CyberEPQ Students face the Deloitte Crypto-Challenge

It’s not often you get to see the Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) in Reading, so this was an eagerly anticipated event with all the places being snapped up within an hour!

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