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What qualification will I gain from the Cyber EPQ?

The Cyber EPQ is a level 3 qualification which is the equivalent of ½ an A level, worth up to an extra 28 UCAS points. The Cyber EPQ is accredited with City & Guilds.

What support can be expected throughout the course?

Throughout the Cyber Security education, students will be able to have access to Cyber Security specialists. There is advice available as to how to tackle each part of the Project. In addition, via the Learner's Forum on the Moodle, students will be able to discuss with fellow Cyber EPQ students Cyber Security aspects of the course. You will also be able to ask any Cyber Security related queries to our Cyber Experts.

Why is the Cyber EPQ more beneficial than a standard Extended Project Qualification?

If you are considering a Cyber Security career path or you are interested in Cyber Security and in gaining extra UCAS points, the Cyber EPQ provides a sure step.

The Cyber EPQ offers a guided learning course in Cyber Security. The Cyber EPQ is guided by experts in the Cyber Security industry. Alongside educational specialists, this cyber qualification which aligns with the National Occupational Standards in information security and the Chartered Institute of Information Security Skills Framework, has been designed. Not only can you gain extra UCAS points, but you will also have recognition of your cyber education.

How is the course structured?

There are 11 modules to be completed on the Moodle. An aspect of this will provide the basis for the project. The modules for completion are:

What measures have been implemented to ensure the privacy and safety of Cyber EPQ students

CIISec has both Independent and School-based Supervisors, all of whom have been DBS checked. Independent Learners will be able to communicate with their Supervisors via Moodle messaging, a dedicated Supervisor's email address, regular Supervisor group Conference Calls and, at key stages throughout the course, one-to-one conference calls.

Exchange of personal information is not permitted, and under 18’s will need to have parental / carer consent to participate in Conference Calls. All conference calls will be recorded and arranged at a time convenient to all involved as far as possible.

All personal information is collected and held only for as long as required and will not be passed onto third parties without your express permission.

My son/daughter is 13 years old, can we enrol him/her for the course

Unfortunately, we are unable to enrol students under 14 years old. City and Guilds strongly uphold the policy that all students must meet the minimum age requirement that on registration with City and Guilds, they must have turned 14.

Do Supervisors need specialist knowledge in Cyber Security?

The Supervisor role is the same as that for other EPQ's. Supervisors do not require any specialist knowledge in Cyber Security. Helpful advice is also available and CIISec is happy to assist you with any of your queries.

Can we enrol a number of students?

Yes, on the site there is the ability to do both individual and group registrations. Please ensure that you clarify who the student is and who is the Supervisor of the project if you are making a school registration. You will then be grouped together.

Where do students go after they have completed the CyberEPQ?

Our students follow a number of paths. Many have gone on to study courses at university which are related to cyber security/computing. Others have used the CyberEPQ to differentiate themselves in their university applications and to develop the skills for independent study that universities look for.

Some students are already in work and use the CyberEPQ as a stepping-stone to a change of career into cyber security.

A number of students have also gone on to cyber security apprenticeship schemes with major employers.

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