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To get you started, an overview of what is Cyber Security can be found in Module One in the first Online Session 1.1 Introduction to Cyber Security, the first link is to a video of what Cyber Security is. This video is approximately 9 mins long. To gain access you will need to be logged into your account, but you can request Guest Moodle Access.

Then there is a great activity around The Computer Misuse Act. This game takes approx. 10 mins, again you will need to be logged into your account to gain access.

A further resource is available from Cyber Centurion which has good interactive games which complement what the students would be learning on the CyberEPQ.

Further cryptography resources which are interactive and engaging are also available. If you are interested in these, do get in touch.

A short presentation which was given to the Cyber First Summer Programme about getting into cyber, maybe also be worth watching. (No audio)

Parents Evening Visuals and Cyber Classroom Displays

For a great understanding of roles and capabilities required for cyber professionals we have our 7 Personae of Cyber posters. There are eight in total, and they are a great visual for a parents evening.

Further Resources

For infographics for the accredited CyberEPQ, the Headstart in Cyber courses and free Cyber Security teacher training, contact [email protected]

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