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Are you a Defender?

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A Defender could work in a Global Security Operation’s team who are responsible for monitoring security and managing security incidents across the globe. The team’s aims are to minimise risk exposure and handle security incidents. A Defender will protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all assets and systems through monitoring, analysis and detection activities derived from security log feeds, security systems and reports.

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What does a Defender do?

A Defender operates within a team that takes responsibility for the security monitoring of key technologies whilst helping to provide effective analysis and triage and handling of security information and events. A Defender also, assists in updating/developing, implementing and operating requisite processes and procedures as well as helping to develop and configure use cases, and alerting rules within Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies.

Helping to develop and present appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and other requisite reporting to the Head of Security Operations whilst assisting in projects and initiatives relevant to the role are usually expected. In addition to liaising closely not only with the team to ensure the correct response and remediation of security information and events but also liaising with third party suppliers to ensure the correct response and remediation of security information and events could also fall under your remit.

What are companies looking for?

UK Earning Potential

Upwards of £27,000 depending on geography, experience and definition. *

* source: Indeed March 2020

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